I have been a student of yoga and meditation since before I knew I was studying it!  As a child I was drawn to mediation. At the time I thought I would be able to levitate if I sat cross-legged on the floor counting forward and backward to ten as my great-uncle taught me to.  True story.  I grew up as a gymnast so I love the physical fun of the asana practice of yoga.  As a teenager I was exposed to Taoist philosophy and felt quite at home with my simplicity, which before I had learned this tradition, I thought was a negative aspect of my personality that I had to fix or change. Boy was I happy to discover that I didn’t! Throughout the past 11 years since I have formally dedicated myself to studentship of yoga, I have been fortunate enough to be guided by many wonderful teachers.  The most important lesson I have learned from my practice of yoga is that the lessons you learn on the mat can and should be taken with you everywhere you go.  This has never been more true to me until I had children.  Raising my children has been my greatest teacher of patience, joy, love, gratitude and yoga.  I strive to constantly practice the state of “union” brought about by this study.  So whenever I say “yoga” I mean more than the poses on my mat.  I mean that sense of interconnectedness-within myself and with others-calm, and attention.


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