The Breath


Imagine that you are only allowed a certain number of breaths in this life before the breath doesn’t enter anymore.

How are you choosing to breathe?  Take a moment right now. Seriously. Now. Pay attention to your breath. Go a head, I’ll wait.

What is it like?  How does it feel? Where does it go in your body?

Now pay attention again and try to make your breath as long as possible.  Slow. Deep. Loooooong.

What happens?  What does it feel like to you? Does it feel different? Are there other effects in your body/mind you notice?

What would it feel like to breathe this way more of the time?

Seriously, I want to know! Share below:)


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  3. Thanks for this article. I have been practising deep conscious breathing from time to time, and I find that it helps me to relax and slow down in life.

    I also like what I read in Thich Nhat Hanh’s book “Being Peace”, especially this part:
    “When we are able to take one step peacefully, happily, we are for the cause of peace and happiness for the whole of humankind. Walking meditation is a wonderful practice.”

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