“You are greeted the way you choose to come”


One of my teachers used this as part of her theme for a class I took months ago and today I saw this lesson applied through my daughter.

We went to the park and there were two girls on scooters in the “skate park”.  Isla has a scooter too and she decided to show the girls how fast she was.  She made her demo and then went up to the girls and said, “I am so fast.  I am way faster that YOU.”  Well, the girls did NOT like to hear that!  They insisted she was not and proceeded to show her.  Their interactions went on in an aggressive and competitive way until finally Isla got so upset she removed herself and started to cry.  I asked her what was the matter and she told me the girls were not being nice to her.

I reminded her of the Law of Karma, you get what you give.  I told her I had observed that the very first thing she said to them was “I am faster than YOU” in a nasty not-so-sweet tone of voice.  Following the Law of Karma, that is what she could expect to get back and it was true.  I recommended that she start over with them.  To say she was sorry for the way she introduced herself before, to tell them her name and to ask their names.  To ask if they would like to ride their scooters fast together.  To show each other cool tricks and have fun! And that is just what happened.  They ended up having a great time together for the remainder of the time we had at the park.

This is more that just a lesson for the playground.

This applies to all of us at all times.  Check in with yourself.  How are you approching life and its challenges?  How do you interact with people who “give you a hard time”?  How can you observe and alter the way you choose to come and witness a miraculous shift in your moments, you days and your life?


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