What gives life meaning…


What gives life meaning.

Love. Connection.

This is the purpose.  Our lives are miracles.

No really.

Sit with that for a moment.  Your life is a miracle.  The fact that you are breathing, moving, loving, connecting is the greatest wonder because it really is so very completely fragile.  There is no reason why at any moment you can’t be taken from this life. And when it comes down to it- though we may imagine, fantasize, wonder, wish, and hope-we have no idea what truly happens when this body is no longer our vehicle.

Right now we know that IT IS.

Hopefully, we know however big or small every action we choose has an effect.  Somewhere.  On something.  Either negative or positive.

How can we choose to make someone else’s life more beautiful?  How can we help give someone meaning?  What choice can you make to show up in your life so that there is a chain reaction of goodness instead of the opposite?  You know what I mean.  Let someone go in front of you in traffic. Smile to a stranger on the street. Help to bag your own groceries at the check out.  Say please and thank you to all service workers.

The littlest things have the potential to seriously change someones day around.  And the coolest thing about living and acting with the intention of making everyone around you feel great, is that you also feel good.


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